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What Black communities need are local solutions not big government. That’s the only way real change happens.

Politicians have spent far too long talking at people of color. It’s long past time for them to try talking with us. We need real solutions, not more empty platitudes and false promises.

For five decades and counting, big-government intervention has failed to create a level economic playing field for Black communities to reach their full potential. Untold billions of dollars have flowed from taxpayers, through the hands of well-heeled lawyers and lobbyists, and into mismanaged one-size-fits-all programs that fail to address the actual needs of the people they’re supposed to help.

According to Pew research, about 61% of Americans believe that economic inequality is too great. Interestingly, though, only 41% think that addressing inequality should be a top priority for the federal government.

What explains the disconnect? If you talk with people of color, especially those living in disadvantaged neighborhoods, you’re likely to find that a lot of them are simply disenchanted with the federal government’s track record of failure and ineptitude. It’s not because of racism, or even because of politics. It’s just that the federal government isn’t properly equipped to provide the sort of help we need. They may have plenty of money to splash around, but federal lawmakers and bureaucrats simply don’t have the specific knowledge of local needs and concerns that would allow them to implement effective solutions.

by DaQuawn Bruce. Fox News, 12/2/22

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CCA is a 501(c)3 focused on outreach in the Black and Brown communities to push back against radical leftist legislative and social agendas and move the needle toward conservatism with truthful and direct real-life stories and community engagement.

CCA is positioned to be a credible and trustworthy thought leader that will change hearts and minds, and engage the prevailing culture in a conservative manner to hold America’s leaders and politicians accountable for what they pontificate and what they eventually support and fund.

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