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NEWSMAX | Bruce: BLM Founder Back at It, for Justice or Money?

By DaQuawn Bruce | February 21, 2023

The founder of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF) has resurfaced. She is re-activating her base.

This time, is it for justice or money? 

In a recent interview with the Guardian, Cullors accused President Joe Biden, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, and other Democrats of “deep cowardice,” for refusing to Defund the Police, complaining that the administration chose to allocate more funding to law enforcement, this after BLMGNF helped get Biden elected.

Patrisse Cullors and affiliates of BLMGNF call for “defunding” the women and men who serve our communities as police officers has contributed to the cultivation of an atmosphere where police officers fear for their lives while doing their jobs.

Since BLMGNF’s rise, American cities have experienced a crime wave, one especially  harmful to Black and Brown communities like mine.

This is best exmplified by the murders, violence, and billions of dollars in damage occurring during the “Summer of Love” (2020) riots in cities nationally.

We cannot deny that for far too long, Black America has suffered at the hands of a society blind to our needs and deaf to our concerns. There do exist real injustices oppressing and stagnating the advancement of our communities

These unquestionably must be addressed.

However, it must also be understood that those who speak with the loudest voices do not always speak for the majority

Ms. Cullors’ BLMGNF has shown itself to be an extremist, predatory organization; one choosing to profit from Black pain, as opposed to truly helping to ease it.

Last summer, we at Concerned Communities for America (CCA) helped expose the corruption of Patrisse Cullors and the BLMGNF.

Most importantly, we also exposed the blind financial and vocal support of BLMGNF by many of America’s best-known major corporations.

We launched a captivating video, “Dead Cops,” featuring the wives of police officers killed or permanently injured in the wake of BLM chaos as well as the subsequent soft-on-crime reaction by “woke” prosecutors.

In “Dead Cops” we also outline the carnage caused by BLMGNF and its corporate funders.

If it’s true justice that Ms. Cullors and the BLMGNF seek, then their demands must align with those of the community and facts, and not self-enriching Marxism that defiles the core values and goals of the Civil Rights movement on which BLM claims to have expounded.

Ms. Cullors claim is that the murder of Mr. Tyre Nichols is a result of systemic racism and a “culture of violence” that can only be prevented when “courageous elected officials make it stop” by defunding them.

Cullors likened Mr. Nichols death to that of her late cousin.

However, the facts show us that these two unfortunate and tragic incidents are not the same or alike in any way, beyond the fact that there were police and Black men involved.

Mr. Nichols’ murder was a blatant example of the abuse of power by individuals who held a personal vendetta against this innocent man. From what we know Mr. Nichols was non-aggressive and followed police officer commands.

Yet, he was still tragically murdered.

The officers involved thought they would be safe behind the cover of the badge, and yet true justice prevailed.

Yet, Ms. Cullors would like to take advantage of this crisis and advance an agenda that leaves our communities in danger, while enriching both her and her associates.

To this, this writer declares that she and all who support such hijacking of this tragedy should be ashamed of themselves.

I understand Cullors’ grief regarding her cousin’s tragic death.

In 2018 my cousin was murdered on the South Side of Chicago, my home.

Just a few weeks earlier, his killers shot and almost killed me.

The question is: what do you do with that grief, that pain?

Do you use it to pursue the truth and justice to make the country better, or do you use it for profit?

Ms. Cullors “succeeded” spectacularly in the founding of the multi-million-dollar money machine behind the Black Lives Matter movement, only to betray the movement with her malfeasance.

In the end, it wasn’t about “justice” – or even pain or grief – but rather “greed.”

Is today’s push by her to “Defund the Police” and demean those in her way any different?

You be the judge.

DaQuawn Bruce is the executive director of Concerned Communities for America, a 501(c)(3) advocacy group that promotes economic empowerment, public safety, free and fair elections, and quality education for the black community.

Read the original op-ed in Newsmax here.

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