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Liberal ‘diversity,’ not so ‘diverse’ after all

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” MLK Jr. so wisely proclaimed in 1963. I can only imagine how horrified he would be if he knew how those pushing the radical liberal agenda purposely misinterpreted his message.

In the Biden administration making certain hiring quotas based on physical appearance has become more important than hiring who has the correct qualifications. Radical liberals have successfully duped our culture into believing it is unfashionable to hire too many white, straight, males anymore. (Even if a candidate matching that physical description happens to be the most qualified for a position.)

Allow me to be clear, I am not saying that only white, straight, males are the only competent hires. What I am saying is that it has always been and still is wrong to hire someone based on their race, sexual orientation or sex. The most competent people are being rejected because of their outer appearance thanks to the radical liberals’ definition of diversity. It is 2022, why is anyone selecting employees based on physical traits rather than certificates, degrees and work experience? Is anyone concerned about how our taxpayer money is being spent? The person who is the best steward of the tax dollars will always have my vote no matter race, sexual orientation or sex.

Unfortunately, just like the term “woke”, “diversity” has been hijacked by the left to mean the opposite of what its true definition is. Instead of collectively learning from our past and striving to not repeat the same mistakes, the radical woke agenda has retroactively made different physical traits desirable. (How “woke” of them.) Clearly, their plan has backfired, because putting an unqualified person in any job will breed contempt, a hostile work environment and ultimately result in failure.

By Bruce LeVell. WashingtonTimes 6/6/22

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