Concerned Communities for America

Who are we?

CCA is a 501(c)3 focused on outreach in the Black and Brown communities to push back against radical legislative and social agendas that make our communities poorer and less safe.


CCA seeks to be a credible and trustworthy thought leader and partner, helping to change hearts and minds while engaging the prevailing culture to hold America’s leaders and politicians accountable for what the say, support, and fund.

Our Vision and Mission

We envision a unified and strong America that fulfills the promise of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness through safe and law-abiding communities, restored reliance on the family, and policies that promote full and unrestricted economic opportunity for all. 

Our Issue Areas

• Reducing crime on our streets and promoting public safety for all

• Ensuring equal access to quality education

• Ensuring free and fair elections

• Promoting economic opportunity and free enterprise

How we do it

We are IN the Community!

Our outreach allows us to cultivate a network of nationwide community-based partnerships to advance our objectives and activate untapped Black and Brown voices; locate and develop influencers and activists; and build a new crop of Black and Brown leaders. CCA is currently conducting focused grassroots outreach in Black and Brown communities all over the country through the Conversation With Black America.

A growing network

This rapidly growing nationwide network uniquely includes energetic, courageous and committed Black and Brown leaders of diverse age groups, areas, and organizations to promote our shared mission.

Rapid-response task force

CCA maintains a rapid-response task force to deploy as spokespersons in the media to combat the erroneous narratives, false statements, and destructive policies of radical political movements that seek to exploit the Black and Brown communities.

Voices of Black and Brown America

CCA provides the voices of Black and Brown America proactive and reactive newsworthy content that impacts the daily and future lives of minority communities and our nation as a whole. We aggressively engage with our various target audiences in a manner they understand and are compelled to endorse and act upon from crime to economic opportunity to school choice for our youth.

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