Concerned Communities for America

Conversation with Black America

CCA launched a multi-city, nationwide “Conversation with Black America” (CWBA) on November 12 in Atlanta, featuring a collaboration with community leaders, influencers, advocacy organizations, and local elected officials. These collaborations will ultimately lead to legislative and specific policy solutions to the problems faced by Black communities.

The CWBA will be more than just producing a policy document; it will be a deeply motivating call to action, winning hearts and minds.

A CCA Partner IN THE

CCA is a network of community-focused leaders who are invested in seeing restoration, political liberation, and the social consciousness restored among communities of color across the country. CCA supports the work of organizations that are actually doing the work and includes Chicago-based Project H.O.O.D. (See video below)

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End Racial Profiteering and Promote REAL Justice

CCA is pushing back against the radical agenda that has infiltrated corporate America and politics at every level. We are calling out the corporations that blindly fund campaigns that terrorize American cities, as well as the soft-on-crime DAs and judges who push a “Get Out of Jail Free” agenda that makes Black and Brown communities less safe. We are confronting these leaders by exposing the consequences of their recklessness and bringing them face-to-face with those directly harmed by their policies.

Impact for concerned communities

CCA is a 501(c)3 focused on outreach in the Black and Brown communities to push back against radical leftist legislative and social agendas.